Rearranging Priorities for a Season

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Bringing home a new baby is a big adjustment for parents, especially the first one, and often requires cutting back on certain commitments to focus on the home.

When my first child was about six months old, my church invited me to join the worship team. But after a month, I realized adding a two hour practice each week on top of singing in two services on Sunday was exhausting me. And it was the only activity I regularly participated in that got me out of the house!

I eventually came to the conclusion that I had to quit the team, and I cried for days over the disappointment and sense of failure. Why couldn’t I manage a few hours away from home?

One evening my dad came over for dinner. Somehow we got on the topic about the decline in my daily Bible reading, lack of church involvement, and how I’d been feeling like a bad person. My dad’s words gave me a new perspective. “This is only a season of your life. I’m sure it won’t hurt you to cut back for a few months while you’re learning to be a mom.”

What? How could it not hurt?

Wasn’t I being disobedient by not serving in a ministry? Wouldn’t I turn away from my faith if I only read my Bible once a week as opposed to every day? Wouldn’t I become a weak Christian and maybe even backslide?

My dad’s simple encouragement made me realize I was putting too much pressure on myself. God doesn’t require a set amount of our attention each day. While we can’t neglect Him, He won’t withdraw His love or punish us if we cut back a little on our time with Him for something important, like a new baby.

Raising young children is only a short season of our lives. Now that my son and daughter are older, they don’t require as much of my attention. I’m more involved in church, helping in two ministries, and I spend more consistent time alone with God than ever before.

Life is full of seasons, so the focus of our attention will be ever changing. We just need to make sure our priorities are where God wants them during each season.

Cut yourself some slack – it’s only one small portion of your life!

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Rearranging Priorities for a Season

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