21 Safety Tips For Girls and Women

We live in a scary world where sex trafficking is rampant and there is a real danger to women. Once you step foot out of your home, anything can happen. There are dangers out there waiting for girls and women. The best way to keep you out of harm’s way is by following the safety tips below.

Safety Tips For Girls and Women

1. At night, walk in well-lit areas. Be aware of tall hedges, high fences, open garages, and other areas where someone could hide.

2. If possible, walk against traffic. You’ll be more noticeable if you need to flag someone down.

3. Women shouldn’t walk alone when it’s late, whether it’s outside, or in an underground parking lot. Even the most well-lit underground parking lot may seem harmless; a perpetrator could very well stay hidden between parked cars ,or lay low in a parked car. If you must go to a store at night, make sure that you park as close as possible, and ask a manager to walk you to your car if you feel at all unsafe. Better yet–don’t shop after dark!

4. Take a self-defense class. You can find these at your local YWCA, community centers, or night school classes. These days, you can probably find a YouTube video with self defense tips and techniques!

5. Don’t inadvertently give out personal info to strangers. Oh, and listen up, moms: Don’t put your child’s name on his/her belongings. Use stickers instead to identify your child’s things. For example, your daughter’s favorite Disney princess; your son might like a character from Star Wars.

6. For young girls, have a secret code word answer. If anyone is pretending to be a family friend, your child can ask a special question. If they can’t answer it, then your child will know this person is not “safe”. Your child should report the stranger to a trusted adult.

7. Don’t be shy to ask for an escort to your car. If you’re with friends, ask them to walk with you to your car. Have your keys ready in your hands… Keys can also be used as a weapon.

8. Never go home if someone is following you in your car. Stay in your car and drive to a busy area, or to the nearest police station. If you have a cell phone, or car phone, you can even call the police as you are driving.

9. When driving, keep all doors locked and never pick up hitchhikers. If you sense danger, stay in your car and call for help.

10. If you have forgotten to lock your car, check before you enter. Look in the backseat, floor, and trunk. Don’t leave your car unlocked for even a minute.

11. Tell someone what time you’ll be home and where you’re going.

12. Always be aware of your surroundings.

13. Be discreet with your wallet, don’t flash your money around or show off expensive items.

14. Stay in areas where there are a lot of people. If you’re meeting someone, plan to meet in a coffee shop or the mall.

15. Look confident and look up when you’re walking. Keep your hands free so you can use them to protect yourself if necessary.

16. Wear proper footwear because it’s hard to run in high heels. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing. When you do wear heels, make sure they are easy to take off if you ever needed to run. They can be a weapon!

17. Make note of escape routes and safe places to get help. Check for exits and potential self-defense weapons everywhere you go–just in case.

18. If you’re listening to your iPod, make sure you can hear traffic or someone walking behind you. For your own safety, don’t wear earphones at night.

19. Change your walking routes often. Mix up your routine. Many attacks happen after the victim has been watched for a period of time. If you go jogging every day at 2pm, you may want to change it up. Go at different times, and take various routes as well.

20. If you’re being chased by someone with a gun, run in a zig-zag pattern… If they are unarmed, run as fast as you can in a straight line to the nearest safe area.

21. Never leave a drink unattended when you are at a party with people you do not know, or out on the town. Make sure your daughters know that this can be dangerous as well. Someone can put a roofie in their drink and well… Sadly, I knew someone who sent their daughter off to college, and she went to a party, someone slipped something in her drink, and she was raped

Discuss safety with your daughters regularly, what they can do, how to identify the danger signs, and how to protect themselves from the unknown lurking outside. When they are armed with this knowledge, they will be able to think on their feet, act accordingly, and stay out of dangerous situations.

One final thought, if it is legal in your state or country (make sure that you check), carry a stun gun, and have your older daughters carry them as well. You can pick them up at a flea market for like $10. In my state, you do not need a permit for a stun gun–for a taser, yes. There is a difference. Do your own research to be sure. While they are not fail proof, they could offer just enough time for an escape.

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21 Safety Tips For Girls and Women


  1. Faith_Mom on February 28, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Sadly, yes, Trisha… :( Kids as young as 5 as well. :( SO sad…

  2. Shasta Walton on March 13, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Awesome tips! I just read an article yesterday about child trafficking in Mexico and all I could think about were my little girls… So sad.

  3. Angela S on July 1, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    I am embarrassed to say that I don’t follow all of these. This was such good info!

  4. Anne on July 1, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Great tips, my 18 year old is starting college this year and I am going to go over these with her, because awareness is key. She is already signed up for self-defense classes at college.

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