Picture Ledge Shelves: A Target Steal for Every Room

I have been banned from Target by my husband. What good wife hasn’t? But really, he’s asked me to pray before I go into the store. It’s gotten that bad before. I try and convince him that I always spend less than the person in front of me, but he just doesn’t respond well. Truly, Super Target was made for a mom. It was made for every mom. It has a Starbucks. It has the big carts with the two additional seats to trap strap in your kids. It has donuts for 69 cents, popcorn, and a bagel section where you can pacify your children while you browse every single aisle. It has home goods, jewelry, purses, notebooks of all shapes and sizes, delicious smelling candles, groceries, and clothes. It has EVERYTHING!

And today I found another reason to love it…

It has picture ledge shelves for just $12.99!

Picture Ledge Shelves: A Target Steal for Every Room #tips #pictureledge #homedecor #target

Have you ever seen these?

They are perfect for home decorating. I’ve been drooling over them for years at Pottery Barn, but I just, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy something expensive to hold other frames that would also be expensive. I’ve googled DIY picture ledge shelves, but I am a little bit clumsy with screws and saws–and have been known to chop into my own fingers while cutting pineapples–so I’m not really trustworthy with actual equipment. So, I’ve been patiently waiting for them to appear somewhere on a shelf in a store I frequent. And the time has finally come–at my beloved Super Target!

Picture ledge shelves can serve a decorating purpose in every room. Don’t believe me?

5 ways to use picture ledge shelves

1. In your laundry room, they can hold Shout containers and your Bounce sheets.

2. In your bathroom they can display nail polish, vases of makeup brushes (don’t you keep yours in vases? If you don’t, try it. It will make you feel fancy), stacks of eyeshadows and containers of liquid foundation.

3. In your living room they can hold picture frames, in your kids’ rooms they can display books and homemade art and chalkboards and gigantic letters and random Barbie dolls.

4. In your kitchen they can hold spices and trophy cookbooks and random old framed recipes from your great-grandmother.

5. In your closet, they can hold a framed piece of chicken wire you adhere your earrings to and hang your necklaces from.

Are y’all getting the idea? These babies do it all. And they look good while doing it, I might add.

I hope you are inspired, like I am. These picture ledge shelves come in black and white a dark oak and a really adorable distressed wood…basically they will match any type of home. And they will make you happy, as they have most assuredly made me happy. For less than fifteen bucks, you can get a 23″ long shelf to convert any space into something beautiful. I’m celebrating the fact that I’m even sharing this lovely find with you, but it’s in hopes that I won’t go buy every single one they offer and put one in every room. Although I could, and really want to. Moderation is key, and these lovelies are worth every penny!

Do you have any ideas for using picture ledge shelves in your home?

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  1. gina on May 28, 2014 at 11:54 am

    I love the Target shelves but can’t find them on the website. Help :(!

    • Faith_Mom on May 28, 2014 at 1:21 pm

      I have seen these in the stores. I am not sure about Online… Maybe Charis knows? Hopefully she will see this and let us both know! :)

    • Charis Freije on May 28, 2014 at 2:13 pm

      I saw them on their website ten days ago, but it looks like they have taken them off now! Maybe they sold out quickly? There is one that looks similar sold at smartfurniture.com (search for floating photo ledge), and another on Target.com called the BP Industries weathered picture ledge which is also available in a variety of colors. I imagine the Target stores still carry them, since I bought mine there not even two weeks ago! Hope you find one!

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