Maxing Out the Fashionably Versatile Maxi Dress

I thought today we could cover how to max out our maxi dresses. If you don’t have one, you should invest in one because a. They’re currently in style, b. They’ve been in style since the 70’s and you really can’t go wrong when you buy one and 3. every store is carrying them, and if you purchase a good one, it can take you from day time to evening to casual to wedding attire in no time.

I spent any time I was sick in college or working out watching Stacy and Clinton on TLC revamping other people’s wardrobes and desperately wishing they’d come do it for me. Are you with me? I find that my biggest trouble is buying individual pieces that have no business partnering with any of my other clothes. So I have a bunch of stand alone pieces, without vision on how to ingratiate items to expand my wardrobe without having to stretch my wallet. This, I believe, is the most common crime we all have in shopping. We have to think of our closet as a team, united for a single purpose: getting the most bang for our proverbial buck. In this post, we’re covering maxi dresses. Which one should you buy if you haven’t gotten one yet? What do you pair it with? How do you dress it up? How do you dress it down? Questions that are all very valid, and helpful when answered correctly. And because I’m not exactly a fashionista, I called my friend Maggie (who is RIDICULOUSLY fashionable) to enlist her help.

We found this H&M maxi dress that I am going to use as our demo- it’s $24.95 and it’s a classic black maxi. Do you remember the maxi we listed in a precious post on “Summer Fashion Must-Haves”? It was from Ann Taylor Loft and it was a pretty penny. Feel free to pick a maxi that is in your price range, and consider the cost as it is an investment item.  But I chose cheap because I want to make my husband proud. If you’re not comfortable with strapless, then by all means pick one with straps of any size or variety. But for this post, I’m going to specifically address neutral colored dresses because they are easier to pair with other items. Here are the summer events I need my maxi to work with me for: church, a date with my husband, a friend’s business casual wedding, and vacation-friendly wear.

4 Ways to Max out my H & M Maxi:

1. Church Maxi: No, church shouldn’t be about what I wear. With that said, I also feel weird showing up to church looking like a hot mess. I like to look nice, but casual. Modest, and comfortable enough to worship how I want and serve in the kids’ rooms when necessary. Since my maxi is strapless, I’m choosing to cover up a little bit with Levi’s Denim Trucker Vest. Then, because I’m at church and prone to give lots of hugs and maybe work with little ones who like to grab, I’m choosing a simple pendant necklace that to dress it up: Modcloth’s Festival Mojitos necklace will work perfectly in this case by adding a pop of turquoise and a nice length. And for my feet? I’m going with comfort: Aldo “Direven” flat in this lovely muted nude color.

Maxi + Sleeveless Denim Vest +Turquois and Gold Pendant +Pointed Toe Flats in Nude = Church Ready

Church Maxi #fashion #maxi #church

2. Date Night Maxi: No, a maxi isn’t form-fitting. But it can be spiced up a little bit by shoes, a hit of a leather jacket, and dramatic necklace that will make your eyes sparkle. Seriously, here are my date night pics: Mossimo Women’s Faux Leather Vest by Target will take your sweet little maxi to a woman who knows what’s up maxi. It’s feminine but still a little daring, and I think it will set your night up for success. And I’m going to layer a necklace from Forever21 that’s a little over five bucks with it: this Dimpled Bib Necklace. And naturally, since I’m on a date and I already went to Target for the vest, I’m sticking with Target and their Mossimo Shari Ankle Strap Heel in nude.

Maxi+Faux Leather Vest + Dimpled Bib Necklace + Ankle Strap Heels = Date Night Success

Date Night Maxi #fashion #maxi #date #datenight

3. Wedding Wear Maxi: We all have weddings, every summer. And it’s time we started reusing our wedding wear for our normal life. This dress fits the bill. And for a wedding, I’m losing all the vests and just wearing the dress. And for shoes that are comfortable but dressy, I’m choosing this colorful wedge by ModCloth. I like the pop of color, and I’m keeping it up with this glamorous necklace from Francesca’s: the Aventura Medallion Necklace. It’s romantic and elegant and will take the jersey maxi to a new level of chic. And since I was in the store, I’m picking up this Malibu Striped Cork Clutch from Francesca’s to carry my lipstick, directions, and a few kleenex for the ceremony.

Maxi + Aventura Medallion Necklace + Colorful Wedge + Neutral Clutch = Wedding Wear Complete

Wedding Wear Maxi #fashion #maxi #wedding

4. Vacation Friendly Maxi: So on the off-chance that it’s cloudy one day on your vacation, it might be nice to pack this maxi so you can whip it out and wear it shopping in all of those adorable little shops that line your beach town of choice. I chose these adorable woven sandals from Target: Mossimo Shauna Huarache Sandal. And if you have a case of beach hair, which I always do thanks to beach humidity, I threw in this BP. Straw Fedora from Nordstrom that’s less than twenty bucks. And if you don’t know what an amazing deal Forever21 offers on jewelry yet, let this little Faux Stone Chain Necklace convince you.

Maxi + Woven Sandal + Straw Fedora + Stone Chain Necklace = Vacation Approved

Vacation Friendly Maxi #fashion #maxi #vacation

There are so many options for max out your maxi! I hope one of these outfits inspires you!

How do YOU max out your maxi dresses?

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Maxing Out the Fashionably Versatile Maxi Dress #fashion #maxi #dress #church #wedding #vacation #date #datenight

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