Great Gifts for Gamer Girls: Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing

Ever since I bought my little girl her Nintendo Game Boy 3DS, she has become quite the gamer girl! Recently, we had the opportunity to try out a couple of great games:  Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing. These two fabulously entertaining games are also great gifts for gamer girls!

Great Gifts for Gamer Girls: Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing - Review

Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing Review

My daughter liked both games. She also loved that she was in charge of her own town in Animal Crossing; and able to create an island paradise in Tomodachi Life!

Let’s talk about each game and both of our thoughts…

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Leaf Game Cover

Animal Crossings is a game where your gamer girl is the mayor of her own personalized virtual town. She can set rules, build things, and enjoy tons of customization opportunities–including her home right down to the furnishing… and her wardrobe too!

Some of my daughter’s favorite things about Animal Crossings in her own words…

“I am able to create my own outfits for the character I get.”

“I like that I get to pick where my house is going to be, and how it will look.”

“It’s cool that I get to be mayor and make the rules!”

She REALLY likes that SHE gets to make the rules! I am sure it is every kid’s dream to be able to invent rules, rather than just follow them!

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Game Cover

Tomodachi Life is another game where your little one gets to create their own virtual world. However, in this case, it is an island! There are so many things to do, like: problem solve, earn money for different activities, make custom characters, and more!

Tomodachi Life Mii

Some of my daughter’s favorite things about Tomodachi Life in her own words…

“I like how the miis can get married and have kids.”

“It’s cool that you can feed the miis and dress them up.”

“I like decorating their apartments.”

“I like that it’s my own island!”

“I think it’s cute that there is mii news and a concert place.”

She really likes both games, but Tomodachi Life is her favorite.

Great Gifts for Gamer Girls

Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing are both great gifts for gamer girls. They are both rated E, and seem to be free of anything questionable. I am happy with them as a parent; and really like that they are fun, but also that they help my daughter problem solve, express her creativity, and are very age appropriate!

Which of these great gifts for gamer girls do you think your little one would like best?

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  1. Doa Fan on November 7, 2020 at 9:27 am

    My little girl loves not only these two games but Miitopia as well, am proud to say that she is a gamer just like her dad.

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