How To Utilize Time Wisely While Driving

As busy moms, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can save time and get more done. We only have 24 hours in one day, and there is so much to do. Most of us are excellent multi-taskers, yet we’re always on the lookout for ways to get more accomplished. Have you thought about things you can do in the car? Our hands and feet may be busy, but our mind can do more than focus on the road. Driving takes a lot of time away from other tasks, but there are some things we can do to make the most of that time.

How To Utilize Time Wisely While Driving

Helpful Driving Tips to Use your Time Wisely:

  • Call a friend or family member (using your earpiece, of course). Since my dad moved away, I try to call him once a week and that 12 minutes between my home and my job is the perfect chance. Or if I need to iron out dinner details with my sister. Or to just catch up with a friend.
  • Do business on the phone (again, using your earpiece.) Just the other day I dialed the vet on my way out of the parking lot so I could schedule my boxer’s next appointment. I’ve called my church, my pediatrician, and my hair dresser all from my car. I’ve also argued with a credit company who made a mistake on my bill.
  • Listen to a podcasts or Bible readings. My husband downloads sermons from our favorite pastor and listens to them on the way to work each morning. A few years ago, I got the Bible on CD as a gift, so I listened to that every morning while driving.
  • Turn on some music. Some days we just need something mindless to do. Listening to upbeat music can help us get out of a bad mood. Singing along to praise music gives us a chance to connect with our Savior.
  • Make plans and brainstorm for projects. Sometimes I ponder things to blog about. Or birthday party ideas. Or how we can save up for our next trip. Or where to go on our next vacation. Or how to talk to my child about an attitude problem. Or what to make for dinner.
  • Talk with God. Sometimes when something is bothering me, the car is the perfect place to hash it out with God. While we can talk with God anywhere about anything, for me the car tends to be a good place for discussing my problems.

Tips when your Children are with you while Driving:

  • Play a game together. There are all sorts of games that take only brainpower. In my family, we loved listing out items according to the alphabet (pick any topic such as food, places, names, the Bible.) We also play the “Character Guessing Game” where one person picks a character from a movie and we have to ask yes/no questions to figure it out. Here are some fun car games you can play while driving too.
  • Jam to your favorite tunes. Turn on some music, preferably something loud and fast, so you can all sing together. Sway back and forth, bob your head, tap the steering wheel. Be silly with them.
  • Talk with them about their day. I pick up my son 3 times a week from football practice, and when he gets in the car, I always ask him about practice and his day at school. This is a great time to connect with your kids.
  • Talk with them about their problems. My best friend loves the car because that is where she has the best conversations with her teenagers. They seem more relaxed and open in the privacy of the car, more willing to listen to what she has to say.
  • Outline your family schedule with your kids. I always try to give my kids a heads-up about what’s happening next because they respect that. We talk about dinner plans, evening plans, weekend plans. Sometimes I ask questions about what they want to do.

 Do you have any tips on how to utilize your time while driving?


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