What is Your Status Update?

In today’s social media age we have the unique ability to offer countless others wide open windows into our lives. In my mind social media is a wonderful, awesome, lovely thing when used correctly. Being able to stay in touch with friends, allow grandparents to easily access pictures and videos of grandchildren, and building close friendships with people you might never meet “face to face” are all things that easily come to mind as pros to social media sites. They can be very useful for you in ways you might not readily think of as well.

So today my question is-what is your status update? It might be surprising just how much you can tell about a persons life by what they fit into that little space. What is it that you talk about the most? Is it the newest tv shows, what you’re eating, your family? What people put is a ready indication of where their mind dwells, on what first pops into their minds when they want to share something with their world. By stopping and looking at your page you can see if you might be focusing on the wrong things. Things that in and of themselves are not bad at all, but if you place too much focus on them they can easily replace things, like God’s word and service to Him, that should take first place in your life. Do you ever share prayer requests or what God has done in your life? Do you ever put favorite Bible scriptures or devotional quotes/thoughts? I’m not saying that every single time you post needs to be this, but if being a Christian is an important part of your life (it should, indeed, be the MOST important part) then it should be very apparent in your life–online and offline. Remember the verse that says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” and also the admonition to “do all to the glory of God.” And the next time you are pondering what to type into that 140 word limit take the approach with giving God the glory in your mind!

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  1. christi on June 13, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Beautiful words of wisdom Nicole!

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