Home Decorating Ideas Using Pumpkins and More

In some places, fall is in the air which means it’s time to make our homes cozier. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and there are some fun decorating projects you can start working on.

Start thinking of the warm fall colors and tones of reds, oranges, yellows, gold, greens, and browns and incorporate them into your home decor. You can use outdoor nature items or buy seasonal artificial items. You can silk and other materials to decorate.

Pumpkins are sometimes a symbol of Halloween, however, for me, they represent the autumn season–my favorite season! Pumpkins are very versatile and will sit nicely in any indoor room or outdoor porch or garden. There are many things you can do with pumpkins and they last longer when they haven’t been carved or opened.

Pumpkin (and more) Fall Decorating Tips

*You can get any size pumpkins, spray paint them white, black, gold, silver or any other colors and use stencils to decorate them.

*Display different size pumpkins on your mantle with fall garland or sit them on a mat of moss.

*Display some mini pumpkins on a table runner.

*Place a mini pumpkin in a vase, goblet, and decorative mug.

*Make a pumpkin arrangement to put on your coffee table or dining room table. The pumpkin is the centerpiece in a basket surrounded by fall items. For example, pinecones, acorns, leaves, twigs, dried fern, apples, pears, cranberries, pomegranates and so forth. If you want to try your hand at gilding, gilding kits are sold in craft stores. You can have glittering gold pears and apples that can also be used in your winter decorations.

*If you have potted plants indoors, you can surround them with different sizes of pumpkins.

*Use pumpkins to complement your outdoor fall flowers and they can be added to empty spaces in your planter boxes.

*Line them up on your stairs or on part of your walkway to your front door.

*Place them on a bench, in a wheelbarrow or on an urn.

*You can also use baskets outside your door with seasonal fall items.

*Use a pumpkin as a flowerpot. Cut a hole on top big enough to place a potted flower in it. Clean out the pumpkin and fill it partially with sand. Then carefully place the potted flower in it. You can display this indoors or outdoors.

*If you have an outdoor living space, you add can pillows, throws or blankets.

*Use potpourri or scented candles to scent your home. Think of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberry, apples, evergreen and so forth.

*Use leaves and display it in a photo frame to hang on the walls

When you’re decorating your home for fall, think about how you can also keep or freshen up the displays for the Christmas season.

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