Faith and Business 101: Simple Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

With all of the hubbub about social networking, email marketing seems to have gotten lost in the frenzy. However, many marketers are finding that email marketing provides substantially more profitable and consistent results. If you’re ready to build your business and improve your email marketing campaign, these simple steps will help.

3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Results

Ask for Action

One of the primary functions of an email marketing campaign or message is to achieve some sort of business goal. Perhaps you want to drive traffic to a sales page or maybe you want to generate awareness.
The only way to accomplish your goal is to ask your readers to follow through. Ask them to take action. This is accomplished in any number of ways, however the most straightforward way is to include what’s called a “Call to Action.”

For example, if you want to build awareness for your business or for your email list you might say, “Please feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend or LIKE us on Facebook.”

Be Timely and Valuable

Articles can be evergreen; email messages often perform better if they’re timely. For example, during the New Year’s Holiday, your messages will ideally reference the holiday. The parenting niche might offer an email with the following subject line, “Ten Tips to Be a Better Parent in the New Year.”

A crafting niche might discuss, “Five Noteworthy Projects to Tackle in the New Year” or “Get Organized! 11 Ways to Improve Your Crafting Storage in the New Year.”  The email messages offer value to the reader and they’re relevant.

Analyze the Data

Set up systems to help track your email marketing data. For example, when do you get the highest open rate? Which calls to action generate the most click-throughs or conversions? What subject lines generate the most interest? When you track the data you can adapt your email marketing strategy to achieve optimal results.

Simple steps like establishing dedicated links for email message click-throughs, using analytics, and using an automated email system that tracks open and click through percentages makes the process easier.
Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a community and build a business. It’s a direct and often intimate connection with your prospects and your customers. Spend time creating a comprehensive email marketing campaign. Plan your content in advance. Put time into creating goals for your email marketing campaigns and measure the results. You’ll undoubtedly notice a boost in your website traffic and your profits.

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