12 Mom and Daughter Frugal Date Ideas

Finding and spending quality time with your daughter is important–especially when she’s a teen. However, the younger you start the stronger the bond that you will build. Investing quality time in our children is the most important thing that we can do with our time! There are so many ways a Mom can spend some one on one time with daughter creating memories that both will cherish.

Here are 12…

Quality Time for Moms and Daughters

1. Spa Day
Spend an afternoon at a spa getting a manicure and pedicure or you can make it a full day. You can take your daughter for lunch or find a spa that also offers lunch. If getting a mani/pedi is not your thing, you can find places that will teach your daughter about skin care and hair care. Or, have a spa day at home!

2. Shopping
You don’t have to break your bank account. There are many great deals out there if you shop smartly. Look for sales, seasonal changes, etc. It’s a great opportunity to show your daughter how you can get more bang for your buck and still look stylish and trendy without sacrificing quality.

3. Dinner and Movie
This is an all time favorite for a mom and daughter date night. It can be an evening event or a lunch and matinee movie. If you have a dollar theater in your area, that is an even better idea! We try to be as creative as possible while still being frugal!

4. Walking, Hiking, Biking
If you both like the outdoors then hiking is a fun activity. Take the time to enjoy the scenery and take snap photos of each other. Walking on the other hand, is not as strenuous, but it’s calming and you can have deep and serious conversations or light and funny. Biking may not sound like an exciting mom and daughter date idea, but it’s a good way to bond and spend time together. Plan for a destination and have a picnic or stop for a special treat.

5. Book or Writing Workshops
This can work for all age levels. For younger kids, they can join story time and book reading at your local library. For you and your daughter, you can learn creative writing–maybe write a story together…or a letter to each other.

6. Picnic
Go for a drive and have a picnic. Bring a game you both enjoy (one one she does more than you) to play.

7. Water Park, Lake or Beach
Where there’s water, there is fun. You can go windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing etc. You can register for a course together. The water park is always a lot of fun with inner tubes and giant slides.

8. Outdoor Markets or Festivals
These can be flea markets, food markets, farmer’s markets, festivals, or a combination of them. If you and your daughter enjoy baking perhaps, you can buy fresh fruits to make pies together. If you both enjoy crafts then you can both work on a project together. You can enter them into festival contests… or nix that idea and just enjoy what others have done!

Most towns have at least a few fun festivals during the year. Check out your area for seasonal events. You can try new foods, learn about different cultures etc.

9. Girls Night Out In
Instead of going out–make it a girls night in! You can come up with a theme, get dressed up, make food related to your theme or create crazy ice-cream desserts, watch movies, play games etc. Some ideas to get you going… Wii night, Rock Band, karaoke…

10. Makeovers
Order take out, curl each others hair, experiment with makeup, and try false eyelashes, whatever is girly and fun. It’s a night to be carefree.

11. Learn Together
Here’s another one that is not your ideal mom and daughter date, but you’ll find that when you do something together, you’ll have a stronger connection with the other person. You’ll also find you’ll have better communication skills with your daughter. So find a course you’re both interested in learning.

12. Volunteer Together
Here’s another non-traditional date idea and that’s volunteering. You can help at the food bank, at your local SPCA and other places in your community.

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination and remember the time that you invest today will bring about not only a lifetime of memories, but a strong bond that will withstand the test of time… and boyfriends. There is nothing more fabulous than having a friendship with your adult daughter! NOW is the time to start!

Enjoy your daughters while you have them with you, Moms!

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    We heed to spend time and effort to bond with our daughter and prove that we love them as they are not who we wish they were but just as they are !

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