Breastfeeding vs Formula

There’s nothing more natural and beautiful than breastfeeding your baby. God created our breasts to feed and nourish our precious babies. I am pro breastfeeding, and breastfed both of my children. However, I also realize not all women choose to, or can breastfeed. So, another option is using formula. You may also be on the fence. I am hoping to help you make the right decision for you and your precious gift from the Lord. I truly believe, if at all possible though, breastfeeding is the absolute best option.

Whether you choose to breastfeed, or formula feed your baby, there are advantages and disadvantages for the new mom and her baby. Let’s look at both and see the comparisons.

Advantages of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mom

– Baby will be protected from developing allergies
– It can protect baby from various illnesses because breast milk contains antibodies
– It creates a very special bond between baby and mother
– Mother’s milk contains essential nutrients and vitamins for a growing baby
– It’s easily digested for baby
– It’s the perfect temperature for baby
– Decreases the risk of tooth decay
– Breastfed babies don’t get sick as often
– You don’t have to worry about sterilizing any bottles or nipples
– It’s convenient
– Mom will be able lose pregnancy weight quicker
– Mom has a lower risk of developing breast, ovarian and uterine cancer
– Reduces the risk for Moms to develop osteoporosis
– It’s FREE. You will save money from buying formula
– Helps the uterus to return to its pre-pregnant form quicker
– If you pump your milk, dad can still be involved in feeding the baby
– Breastfeeding delays menstruation–that is helpful for spacing out pregnancy (*Note: Nothing is guaranteed so you should use some form of birth control)

Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

– Mom has to watch her diet so she doesn’t pass anything into her breast milk that doesn’t agree with baby
– Mom has to consume about 500 more calories and keep herself hydrated to produce milk
– Weaning can be emotionally painful
– Some may experience blocked milk ducts that can lead to mastitis
– May experience sore or painful nipples in the first week or two

Unfortunately, not every woman will choose to breastfeed her baby and will opt to use formula. Some reasons Moms choose not to breastfeed are:

– Can’t produce enough milk
– Baby is tongue-tied and has a hard time latching properly onto the breast
– Mom finds it painful or uncomfortable
– Baby doesn’t suckle well
– Mom has a health problem that requires medication that is not safe for baby

Advantages of Using Formula

– Mom doesn’t have to worry about weaning baby from breast to bottle
– Dad can be involved in feeding the baby
– Mom doesn’t have to worry about expressing her milk
– Mom doesn’t have to be restrictive with her diet
– Formula fed babies don’t need to eat as often

Disadvantages of Using Formula

– Bottles, bottle rings and nipples have to be sterilized daily
– Prepared formula should be consumed within an hour
– You can’t save leftover formula
– There are no antibodies found in formula
– Specialty formulas like soy may cost more; overall formula is expensive
– Not as easily digested by babies
– Formula contains high sugar content thus can cause obesity in infants later on in life
– God did not create it, so it will have far less nutrition and important ingredients than breast milk

There are Moms who will both breastfeed and supplement with formula, and of course, others will bottle feed. These are personal choices each Mom has to make for herself and decide what is best for her and her baby.

Naturally, breastfeeding is more advantageous than manufactured made formulas. Even if you breastfeed for one month, your baby will gain some benefits. The longer you can breastfeed, the more benefits you and your baby will receive.

If you just can’t breastfeed for medical reasons, or you just plain do not want to do it, and still want your baby to have the best alternative, I encourage you to research, research, RESEARCH! Find the most natural and organic option that you can.

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Breastfeeding vs Formula

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